(Answer: It doesn’t have to be!)


But how do you describe what you do or sell in a way that’s smart and doesn’t make you sound like a braggart?

Or unprofessional, low-end, or worst of all…

Like everyone else who’s ever done something similar to what you do??



Most people start out with a website that has a general description of their biz...Your contact info’s on there, and in the beginning that’s a great place to start, but it’s boring, flavorless, and doesn’t contain a lick of marketing strategy.


A website like that won’t do much for bringing you more clients—they kind that you most love and who read what’s on your site and go:


“Yes! This is PURE GENIUS & exactly what I need.”

“You’re the person I’ve been waiting for.”

And, “You're The Best! Can I pay you right now?”


In short, it’s written to get the busy people of the world to care enough to take action.


The thing is…

Most websites are just the online equivalent of a business card—and we all know what happens to majority of business cards we get...

(You’ve probably got a towering stack of ‘em collecting an impressive level of dust on your desk right now.)


The best websites are ones that have personality and sound like you. They’re not long. They’re not complicated. They don’t require long hours and months of you crumpling up draft after draft.



they’re not hard to write.

But they do need to have certain key things in place so your site *POPS*


The best part of all? When you have clear, fun, and inspiring copy on your website, you can’t help but get more clients.


You want your site to be a glitter bomb on an attention-deficit web

The right copy on your website will make you more money in several key ways:


#1 You aren’t embarrassed to send people to your site. No more website shame! It’s the biggest confidence boost to go from hiding...to reveling in all the exuberant compliments on your site.

It’s sweet relief when your site finally reflects the caliber of who you really are and what you do. People instantly can tell that you’re not some fly-by-night operation, but a force to be reckoned with!


#2 You speak directly to your ideal client—so when they read what you wrote, they go, “What the…? Are they in my head?”

By the time they’ve finished your home page, they already know you’re the one for them. Translation: less time having sales calls (or no calls)...and the less time it takes you to book out months in advance.


#3 A kick-ass site communicates the real value of what you offer…so you can command premium rates (even above market rates), and shortcut the time from startup to stardom.

The way you share what you do is the difference between, “Oh, that’s nice dear…” and “How soon can we start?


Sound like a tall order?


Maybe you’ve got a site up already but it’s not doing these things, or maybe you’re just starting from scratch and want to make sure you set yourself and your biz up smart from the start. Either way, you’ve been procrastinating writing your website…


And blaming yourself.


But you’re not procrastinating. You just haven’t learned how to write a website.



A guided class to get your website copy done, profitable…

and irresistibly you.

This Three-Month Class Is A Combination Of: 

Teaching, Q&A, Workshop Where You Get Custom Feedback, Plus Built-in Writing Time

You'll Get Guided Instruction On :











We kick off with MESSAGING

The high-level approach to describing what you do in a way that gets to the core of what you do…and why you do it better than anybody.

This is the foundation of everything you’ll write and will benefit you on the page and off.

You’ll learn how to get clear on your messaging and talk about what you do so you aren’t just in business…you’re part of a movement—and your client is invited.


Then you’re guided through the most important three pages of your website:


Your Home Page

That lovely place on the Internet that’s like an orange poppy to a bee. Magnetic. Natural. Buzzing.

You’ll learn how to write a head-turning headline, infuse powerful language, and keep it focused on the right things.

Zero on on exactly what your homepage needs for maximum wow-factor so you keep people engaged from the first line to the last.


Your About Page

You’re not like everybody else, even others in your industry. Learn how to write a bio that sets you apart.

Unsure how to make a real impression with someone who hasn’t met you? It’s all about making a real connection with the people who most need to hear it, using your personal story.

This is one of the most fun parts of writing your website because you get to show your big heart, your experience, your infectious excitement…and why they can't afford to put off working with you.


Your Services Page

This is where we let your future customers know which of your offerings is perfect for them, and why. You’ll be able to say it in a way that makes ‘em wonder how they ever lived with out it.

We’ll focus on how to write benefit-driven sales copy that gets your audience clicking “work with me” so fast they might sprain a finger. (Ouch!)


For each section you get Templates and Guided Question to get you straight to the core of your message.


You’ll also get something invaluable that makes the writing process ONE MILLION TIMES better:

A group of other awesome business owners

who want to support you, give you feedback, and make writing your web copy something that resembles nothing like torture!


Plus, you get me…


I’m Gio from Ruby Scribe Writing. Here to help you get your website done, done awesomely, and help your biz boom.


I’ve been at the copy game since 2009 and I’ve worked for some of the most successful people online right now — NY Times Bestselling Authors, multi six-figure biz owners, and many others who are making bank with the copy I write for them. I'm also a copywriting teacher, helping business owners get the strategy and their voice into their marketing.


But let's back up for a minute. When I started my business I didn’t know how to write powerful copy. I was a great writer, but I had to learn the strategies that influence and inspire people.


Until I did learned what to write and how to write it, business was just a trickle.

I worked day jobs.

I wondered if I would ever be able to make my dream of being my own boss and getting paid to use my talents happen.


It was really important that I did work that I loved and it was a big bonus if I could help my clients spread their important work further thanks to great copy.


And I did it. I now run my own business. I work from home and I have location freedom. I’ve experienced how great writing can change lives. When it comes down to it, many of my clients are big hearted helpers, and there are many people in this world who need their help - people in pain or working too hard, totally unnecessarily.


Every single business owner I’ve worked with is out to make the world a better place, one person at a time. In order to do that they need to stay in business and be paid well so they can keep doing it. That’s what’s at stake. And that’s what great copy does.

Here are some things I know:


Your website—when written using direct action copywriting—nails your message, stands out, and has the essential marketing pieces in place, will make you money.


Copywriting is a skill that every business owner needs to know. You may one day decide to hire a copywriter to do it for you, and even be able to afford a good one who will give you a great return on your investment, but you will always need to understanding these principles.


That’s because copywriting isn’t just about writing. It’s about understanding how to convey ideas in a way that gets people excited. And you’re going to need that always.


However, I also believe writing your website shouldn’t take forever. And it should never be painful!


If you’ve struggled with your website copy, if it’s taking forever, and if it’s making you want to run away from your computer screaming, then something’s probably up.


One of things I’m most into is helping people break through their blocks to writing. At some point, some time, you probably got the message that your writing isn’t good. Or that you aren’t smart enough. That you shouldn’t put yourself out there. Nasty messages like, “who are you to sell what you’re selling?”


I get it. I’ve been writing all my life and I still had to learned how to slay those demons that were getting in the way of having the business of my dreams.


That’s because copywriting is a different kind of writing than anything else.


Just like running your own business is unlike anything else. It will beg you to stretch. I don’t know anything else quite like it that will make you look back on who you were just last year or last month…and notice how much you’ve grown.


This is why writing your website with someone who can help you work through these sticking points is a transformative process.


And that’s why we’re going to do a little work on that little part of your brain that’s holding you and your biggest, boldest self back.


You come out with a voice that’s sharper, bolder, funnier, and more unabashedly true to you.



5 Star Copy Starts Thursday, August 11th, 2016.

The class meets 3 times a month on Thursdays at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern.


Sessions are a mix of:

  • Instruction
  • Q&A
  • Workshops where you get to share your work and get feedback
  • And built-in writing time—totally invaluable!


The magic (AKA class!) happens over live video streaming…so you can come wearing your best fashion sweats and we’ll never know!


Everything is recorded and downloadable in case you’ve gotta miss it and the handouts are yours to use forever.


You get my custom, coveted, handouts, exercises & templates to make it as done-for-you as possible (until they come up with a website-writing robot that sounds like you but better…)



What You’ll Learn:


  • How to write headlines that are impossible to ignore and snazzy as heck
  • How to (ethically) appeal to the emotions that get people to buy
  • How to use your life story and experience to make a real connection with people
  • The difference between features and benefits—and why this can make or break your copy
  • How to remove blocks to writing,get it done in a fraction of the time and actually love what you write
  • Tricks to write copy that actually helps people—rather than bores them
  • How to channel your “big why” into everything you write so you create raving fans who can’t wait to work with you—even above “market rates”
  • The single most important copy strategy to ensure you’re in business for the next five years and beyond 
  • What NOT to do!
  • And how to be better in bed (ok, that might be a stretch, give me a sec and I’ll make a case for it!)





1-on-1 Strategy Session


Everyone who joins gets a private session—just the two of us—where we go over what’s up with your website and your business. I’ll help you get clear on your goals, ideal client, messaging, and which approach is the best for your unique business. Usually these go for $200 a pop, but this is included in the class.



Community Support


A private, moderated Facebook group where you can share resources, cheer each other on, get help when you’re stuck or want to run a line by some people who get what you’re doing, and most importantly, celebrate when you get your copy done!



And The Bonus Class That You Don’t Want To Miss


IMPORTANT! Sign up for 5 Star Copy and you’ll be invited to a special class on Web Design. It's with the most brilliant designer I know, Nadia Payan. She’s going to teach you some insider tips to make your site look as gorgeous as the copy is smart. Great Design + Catchy Copy = Head Over Heels.




This class is for you if you:


Are a good writer but don’t know what makes fantastic copy.

Don’t know how to say it swiftly.

Hate writing but know it needs to be done and you don’t want to spend thousands to have someone else write it for you (who might totally miss your voice!)

Want to look awesome in writing.

Are too formal or academic when you sit down to write.

Have a pretty good idea of what you want to say but need clarity and a soundcheck.

Want to bring your whole self into your business.

Have a powerful story to tell.

Want to reach more people.

Are new at the game.

Need to revamp your copy.

Are ready to take your business to the next level (I’m such a fan of this! Let’s next level all over the place!)
















But that's not what you'll pay.


The investment for 5 Star Copy is NORMALLY$597 when you pay in full.


(I heart a deal!).


BUT...here's an EVEn Better Deal...



Thursday, August 10th at 11:59pm PST

Get $100 off...

Plus the Bonus Design Session with Nadia Payan



In Short, Get The Entire She-Bang for $497 or $3 payments of $185







Learning how to write your own copy is a skill you'll use for life. It will help you make more money in your business, and it will save you the thousands of dollars you would spend hiring a copywriter for just one project. (Going rate for website copy is anywhere from $1,500-$5,000.)


Momentum. Accountability. Fun.


5 Star Copy is set up so you get your website done. That’s why there’s built in group writing time where we write together and I’ll be there to ask questions if you need help or get stuck.


You could buy a DIY copy course, but you won't have access to an expert and you won't have the accountability and support to get it done. Plus it's ten thousand times* more fun to learn something is in a group!



My students find that when they learn how to write their website with me, their other projects move more quickly and more profitably.


What Others Have To Say...

“I had a great service that I didn’t know how to sell. There were a lot of kinks and blockages in my writing because I didn’t have the structure or know how to write the sales copy, so I felt constricted in my ability to be creative. I wasn’t focused or motivated because didn’t have accountability, encouragement and inspiration.

Gio cured me of my website shame. I feel proud of my copy! I’m also  a lot more confidence in writing sales copy going forward because of what she taught me. I’ve got a sense of competence, autonomy, and flow. I don’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed.

Working with Gio helped me to stay on target with my launch which was so important. A lot of people said to me, WHO WROTE YOUR COPY? IT’S SO GOOD.

Gio makes it fun and easy. Writing doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. If you’re feeling embarrassment, don’t know how to write well, you’re in great hands with Gio. She will welcome you in a way that’s disarming and immediately puts you at ease and make it playful and interesting and light and fun."

Eva Clay


"I had been working on my copy for 6 weeks and was pulling my hair out before I found Gio.

I was feeling held back in my business. The website should have been done five years ago…this was costing me a lot in lost business.

I couldn’t figure out the angle for how I wanted to present myself. I didn’t have the marketing writing tools for what my website needed. I needed rhythm and language, but I had NO objectivity about what I wrote. (And I am a business owner, marketing expert, AND A writer!)

Thanks to Gio, I was able to get my website up! This was a big deal. Before I was struggling to express myself in a way…felt like I needed to by myself in my work right now…sometimes when you don’t bring yourself through, you can’t bring the stuff. Gio's teaching style allowed me to tell my story in a way that gives me really expresses who I am. In the business world, you need to stand your ground and the more confidence you have, the better. It makes the sales process SO MUCH EASIER because your prospective client already knows they want to work with you.

Gio helped me tell my unconventional story and use it for this perfect marketing vehicle for the people I’m trying to reach. I love that I can be myself and be professional.

I was working on something else the other day and because of working with Gio I got the rhythm right, the language, and was able to pull things out easily. I’ve done a lot of marketing and Gio helped me to tune into the vibe I wanted and I’m already going forward with new projects easier.


Kathy Bayer




Thursday, August 10th at 11:59pm PST

Get $100 Off...




Get The Entire Copywriting Enchilada

for $497 or $3 payments of $185






Will NEW WEBSITE COPY really help me get clients?


Yes. Here’s a little tip: Take this class, write your copy, then send out *one* email announcing your wicked awesome new site. Boom. Clients. (And that's just the beginning.)


How long does the class go?


Three months. We work on one page of your copy per month. You get the fourth week off so you have time to finish up. The pace is totally doable for busy folks and we finish up in early November. Just in time for you to announce your new site and maybe even a holiday sale!


What’s your teaching style?


I’m a big believer in positive feedback. I won’t ever tear you down, but I will be honest and make sure you know what works and what doesn’t. My goal is just as much to help you bring out your magnetic voice as it is to make your business profit. Because without profit, your business can’t succeed in the long run. You won’t be able to reinvest in it so you can grow, or hire an assistant so you can focus on your zone o’ genius, or built up a business reserve in your bank account so you’re not living month to month. So I’m totally invested in your success. This class is high-touch. You get a lot of opportunity to ask me your questions and get feedback.




It's all recorded for you, babe!


I want to take this class but I’m new in business and cash flow is not Quite where I Want it to be. Is now the best time to do this?


When you’re just starting out, there’s a lot of things to learn. I totally get it. I spent a lot of my early business days flailing about...and then beating myself up for not knowing how to do everything that I needed to do.

Things took a lot longer than I wanted them to. I lacked clarity. I didn’t know how to talk about what I did in a way that was compelling for people to work with me. Not getting my business off the ground hurt my self-esteem.

Maybe you can relate?

That’s why it took me three times to get my business off the ground to where I was able to support myself, put money aside for retirement, taxes, a business reserve account, and to be able to become highly selective with who my private copywriting clients are.

What I know now is that getting help on the parts that I don’t know how to do is the fastest way to grow. Entrepreneurs spend money differently than other people. Instead of just “spending money”, we make investments in our business—ones that come back to us. This different way of thinking can be a leap of faith if you’re not used to it...even I might not have believed it if I didn’t experience it. But it’s been true for me and every single other business owner I know.


Other questions?

Drop me a line at gio@rubyscribewriting.com. Here to help!



Join us and get your website done!

(So you can do other fun things!)


Join Now.


AT 11:59PM PST & GET $100 OFF.


Refund Policy

You have 21 days from the class start to try it out. If 5 Star Copy doesn’t do it for you, get 100% of your money back. But I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna love it, so that’s why I’m offering this complete guarantee.