It’s Dirty Martini Thirty…And Other Reasons Why Good Copy Makes Me Happy.

I just spent Christmas with my family in NYC. There's just a few more days left of the year which means that there's just a few more days that I can claim that JUST LAST YEAR I lived in a TRAILER with no water and no electricity, was working like 6 part time jobs, and had to cart all my supplies—drinking water, propane, food, laundry, chainsaw—a quarter mile in with a rusty wheelbarrow.

Don't get me wrong. It was wonderful...if only for the ability to say I did it.
This year I live in one of the best cities in America, doubled my income, have clients from all over the world. I work one job and I’m the boss and it’s not just a job—I’m growing an asset.
Honestly, I do very little marketing. Clients come to me. I truly love my clients and*most* of them love me. (Can't please everyone. I'm cool with that. Let 'em find someone they do love, just like you eventually would in any torrid romance.)
It’s because I am real in writing. It’s because I will never write “For a limited time only…” without puking, if ever. It’s because I’ve got a sense of humor and it’s a basic human need to laugh. Everyone is just looking for a good reason to lighten up because there’s so much heavy shit in the world all the time, especially now.

It’s because I always ask, “How can I make this creative and fun?”
Sure, there have been days when I’ve wanted to hide and give everyone their money back, ever.
But I’ve seen over and over the power of great copy to connect, stand out, help people spread their message, and help business owners make a better salary than their parents ever did.
I built my business on great writing.
The best thing about effective copy…well it’s a few things. One is that it’s fun.

Another is that is communicates effectively. Everyone needs that. From just an office email where you're trying to get someone to FIX THE GODDAMN copy machine, to someone who needs to articulate why their supplement line or legal service or cleanse program or anything else they believe in is just the perfect thing.

Estée Lauder said, "Touch a face. Touch a hand. Say, 'This is for you, this is what I want you to wear." How can you do that in your business, either online or via good copy?

One tip--tell a story. I use client stories all the time. What was it like before? What is it like now? Notice how in the beginning of this email I did that? Show what can happen. That's powerful. That's emotional. That gets people excited. I'm (rarely) just blathering on about walking through the mud in the field for no reason. I always bring it back to something that can help someone, that can connect with something they want too.

If we communicate well we change lives by getting people the thing they most need—be it joy, guidance, less stress, a solution to that unfortunate rash, the supplement they’re missing. Whatever.
I’ve got some outrageously good stuff in the works next year for all you business owners of the world who want to learn how to, um, as the great Shwarzenegger said, PUMP YOU UP.

Basically a bunch of giggles and future money in a box. I’ll explain more later, but until then…enjoy these last few days of 2015 and marvel at your own bragging rights.