How to not bore your friends to death

Here’s the thing—good copy takes time. Yes, it’s easier to write something like:

“CLICK HERE!” "BUY NOW!" "FOOL, THIS IS ON SALE!" because everyone does it and it’s just the white noise equivalent of the Internet. Kay. Maybe not that last one.

Instead, what can you say to be interesting and cheeky? (But still clear, enticing, and highly effective.) 

Here’s one opt in box I did for a client, Summer Bock, who's awesome and teaches people to rebuild their probiotic flora and health using food:


Waaaay better than "CLICK HERE," right?

And honestly doesn't take that long. You just gotta remember to make it special and then use whatever weird thing comes out of your brain.

Then congratulate yourself for all your hard work. Your fans will thank you too, as they will still be alive and not shriveling up on their way to that boredom-induced pasture you sent them out to. 

Love and sparkly copy,


P.S. Summer's website is