What to do in a crisis

Make no mistake, we are in a delicate time right now.

Is it at a crisis point?
The Black Lives Matter movement indicates yes.
Not to draw panic. In fact, just the opposite.
The reason I’m writing to you today is to be a beacon of hope, if I may be so bold.
Times is tough.
But they’ve also been worse.
It’s Veteran’s Day, for example. I tried to mail some packages but the Post Office was closed. Small inconvenience, but when I think of the soldiers who risked their lives so that I could grow up without a war on my soil, I am thankful.
Yes, there are many wars raging, just under the radar, but I am talking about combat.
Yes, most of us survived 9/11.
Yes, enough of my Jewish ancestors survived the Holocaust.
I have survived physical and emotional abuse, my brother’s suicide, rape, institutionalization, sexism, homophobia, ancestral grief passed down, debilitating hate toward my body, an autoimmune disorder, disordered eating, racism toward my Sicilian and Ashkenazi Jewish people, etc, etc, etc….
And I am also deeply, deeply privileged as a white, slender, college educated woman who came from a working class background.
I have experienced many losses. We ALL have.
I have dedicated my life to healing. First for myself, putting an end to a long lineage of broken hearts.

And now, hopefully, it's time to help others. If it is even just one person who I can help, I’d say that my work is done.
I have begun calling myself a Matriot.
As in, I’m a patriot, except I’m a woman. A Matriarch rather than a Patriarch. Hence, the term I coined, Matriot.
We need all the women we can get right now.

Hell, we need the men, too. And everyone in between.

We need to work together. Across lines. Across identities.
Across our own pain. We need to reach out and see that the “other” person has just as much hurt as we do.
The “other” person, is a reflection of us.
They have a family.
They have a need to be seen and heard.

They have a need for justice.
They have a need for healing.
Even if they have a different opinion and/or experience than us.
In the face of this shit show that has become... and has always been...my country, I am calling back pride for my land and declaring true love for my friends and family.
And I’m calling in Healing. Gratitude. Compassion.
Are you with me?
There is a term in copywriting called a “Call To Action”.
It’s what you would like your reader to do after they’ve read what you’ve written.
Here is my Call To Action to you.
Stand tall. Stay strong. And as the famous Pony Boy from the classic book, The Outsiders said, “Stay Gold”.
Breathe out what doesn’t work.
Breathe in Love.
There’s plenty. It’s inexhaustible. And it’s your birth rite.
We can get through this. This is all part of evolution.
Look to those who have led successful revolutions.
Look to the peace keepers. The warriors of Love. The artists. The renegades.
Mahatma Ghandi. Bob Marley. Ani Difranco. Lidia Yuknavich. My brilliant friends. Just to name a few. There are so, so many others.
If you resonate with what I’ve written, please share it. You can forward it with a link to sign up for weekly love & inspiration & humor & yeah, some copywriting, messaging, and business tips thrown in.
I will be sending out more messages of hope in the coming months, years, decades…however long it takes. I’d love to have you and your kin come along.