What the F%&*k just happened?

This is the last Thursday of 2016 and I just want to publicly acknowledge what a fucking hell-ride 2016 was.


I have, oddly, many regrets. I had a relationship end, I moved, I took a month-long jaunt to the East coast…


And also so much was gained, but holy hell did Q4 make it’s way into my personal history as that one time life totally kicked my butt.


My astrologer swears it’s going to get better in 2017 and I pray to Goddess that she’s right.


In the meantime, I focus on what’s working and go from there.


It’s a trick I learned when I was a volunteer teacher at Bent Writing Institute for the good queer people of Seattle.


“Tell ‘em what you liked about it”.


One of copywriting’s “rules” is that something will sell five times more if you use fear to push the sale.


It’s called “fear-based marketing.”


I have another angle that I use. It’s a term I coined:


Changed-based marketing.


It works like this: You inspire someone to want more for themselves and their loved ones; they work with you.


I’ve used it over and over again on major launches and it works.


Plus it feels 110% less sleazy, which, to me, is worth it’s weight in gold.


(Even if it’s just gold-plated).


See you on the flip side,