Somedays, it's all "Where's my doll?"

I didn’t have the most conventional childhood.
There was a pony named Debbie who rode around in the station wagon and several six-foot pythons in the basement.
And besides that, my mother ran “The Armonk Doll Hospital”. She was the “doctor”, fixing the broken heads of antique bisque dolls, and replacing mangled-by-dogs arms of someone’s beloved teddy bear from their youth, among other things.
I spend a lot of time entertaining a lot of my mom’s old lady clients as a kid.

Really, she was in the business of preserving childhood memories and propagating nostalgia.
But all the niceties that come along with nostalgia would end abruptly whenever my mother would take a little too long to fix someone’s doll.
My father or I would often bare the brunt of this because my mother is deaf…which made us the receptionists, and therefore the recipients of these queries.
If there is a phrase that sums up my childhood, it’s, “Where’s my doll?”

(And if there is were sound that encapsulates it, it would be a butter knife scraping the burnt char off my mother’s botched baking attempts—but, man, were those sugar cookies with sprinkles worth what was just underneath.)
Some days, in my own business, I have “Where’s my doll?” days.

They’re the days where, somehow, everyone needs their thing—be it a doll, an emergency session, or your genius widget—RIGHT now.
It’s tempting to douse those fires instead of working on writing your own blog, website, sales page, or marketing.
Which is why blocking out time to do those things that must get done for YOUR biz first, then fitting in everything else around them is essential.
Because it’s literally impossible to get it all done in a day.

But you do need ensure you get the right things done or business halts once you’re done reattaching doll limbs, fixing tiny wigs, or stitching outfits for  
It’s a lot to do—making sure that elderly lady gets reacquainted with her Raggedy Ann doll AND you do the things that will keep the future ladies coming on in with their dolls…
It’s likely that there will always be more dolls to be fixed.
And there will always be more copy to be written. If you’re a natural helper, you’ll be tempted to ignore writing your own copy for the squeakier wheel that can be blue haired ladies.
I suggest doing the writing first. Give yourself a time limit. Let it not be perfect at first, or ever.
Just get it done and get it out there. Then give those ladies a call, and, very politely, tell them where their doll’s at….then go find it where you last left it, buried in a closet under the pile of other dolls.

Yeah, we had closets full of dolls…I told you my childhood was, well, “different”.