The opposite of loneliness

I’ve felt alone on the streets of Barcelona.
In a room of friends.
With significant others.
Walking through throngs of people.
It’s not uncommon, but it doesn’t get talked about nearly enough.
Yesterday I read a quote that said something along the lines of, “The opposite of loneliness is not togetherness. It’s connection.”
Just, wow.
Connection is what we all want.
There are many things we think will lead us there. Some of them will. Some of them will only leave us empty once the newness of that trinket has worn off.
What’s exciting to me about the world right now is that, even as many complain (sometimes rightly so) that we are growing more disconnected as we have moved from the Industrial Era to the new Information Era, new ways of connecting are springing up from the cracks.
People are finding the information they need on the internet. Social media, for all its faults, is filling a very real need.
Connection. To be seen. To know what’s possible. And ultimately to have the best experience of life possible.
It’s a fascinating time in the world, when you think about it.
What business owners do is nothing short of amazing. All the healers, coaches, helpers, service providers, retailers. All making the world better with what they offer.

Striving to do good.

Doing good.

Making an impact.

Nurturing connection.
This is the best possible outcome.
We can reach people who need it all over the world. This week I’ve talked to people in England and taught to someone in Japan. People who I never would have met before. I’ve had clients in Ireland, Bali, Ibiza, Jamaica.

All over. Doing their thing. Using the internet for good (not evil!)

That’s why when I teach how to write a website bio, I emphasize going for connection first. Rather than pushing expertise or degrees or credibility. Those things are there. We make sure to highlight them. But we don’t lead with them.
Connection is more important. A little vulnerability goes a long way.
Who would you trust more? Someone who’s all shiny and has a hundred degrees? Or a love coach who’s had two divorces and because of that she devoted her life to figuring out how to have a healthy relationship?
She was hell bent on figuring it out. And she made every mistake.
But her journey is her strength now. And she’s damn good at what she does.
Personally, I don’t care much about degrees. I care about results.
And if I connect with someone, if I trust them, and trust the process, those results are like a plump nectarine that’s just about ripe and ready for me.