What Leads To Staying Power?

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, the epicenter of this being San Francisco. Last night there was a concert in Golden Gate park in front of the Conservatory of Flowers. 


I’m not sure how many thousands of people were there, but I counted 47 porta-potties, with lines of people ten deep. 


Yes, that’s my frame of reference. I always say when the large concrete is unattainable, go for the tangible. (Wait, do I always say that? Have I ever said that before??)


For months I’ve been musing on whether those hippie kids in 1967 knew what they were doing at the time, if they knew that what they were creating would have staying power.


Did Grace Slick know that White Rabbit would become an anthem when she stumbled out of her psychedelic hangover to write it?


Did the flower children have a sense that their fashion and free love were part of a legend in the making?


What makes something have staying power? 


In part, it’s repetition. During the summer of love, there were a billion hippies all singing the same tune…or at least a similar one.


To shift to things over to marketing (hey—you need money to pay for those bellbottoms, so don’t judge), that’s why brand-awareness exists. Brand awareness is visibility and repetition, often via various platforms.  


Any app maker in Silicon Valley would give up his or her catered lunch and tap kombucha for a great logo that is instantly recognizable.


Even if someone doesn’t buy from you right away, brand awareness plants that seed. 


The same goes for email marketing and social media. Someone once said that it takes seven points of contact before someone buys. 


Those seven points could be an ad in a conference brochure, a social media post about your dog, a blogpost on LinkedIn, seeing you speak at a networking event, seeing you at yoga class, having your logo on your car, your weekly newsletter, or a Facebook live stream.


It can be intimidating to put yourself out there, especially as an introvert, and especially since there are so many other things you need to do for your business.


But if you don’t let people know about you, and then remind them, and remind them again…business will come to a trickle. This is science. You can’t argue with that.


Again, I look to the wild, beaded, and barefoot folks of the ’60s for advice.


Abundance. You must build a business that is abundant so you can do the work you’re meant to do in the world. 


Your work helps people. You get whopping compliments from your clients, don’t you?

Sometimes it literally saves their lives.


Great work needs to be supported. 


Otherwise, there would be no Mama Cass. No Jimi Hendrix. Not even any paisley.


And I don’t want to live in a world without paisley.


If you don’t want that either, know that I work with my clients to bring their work to a larger audience. If your marketing isn’t bringing you the business you need and the clients you love, or if you’re not marketing at all, let’s talk. 


I have some creative ways to help you take things beyond what you’ve ever experienced, man. 


Right now I am booking copywriting and copy coaching for July. Coaching is perfect for those who need a little push to get their writing done. If you’re wondering… 


What do I write that feels personal and not like a sales robot wrote it? 

What content is going to get the most engagement, click-throughs, momentum, and attention? 

What’s going to get me the customers and the revenue I need to enjoy my summer and not have a money freak-out?


…coaching helps. I take all my experience writing launches that crossed the six-figure line and my nine years in the industry to bring you where you’re meant to go. 


I’m even running a special on coaching right now because I love doing this transformative work so much and nothing would make me happier than to help you book out thanks to the awesome social media, web copy, blogging, or email marketing we write together.


Happy Solstice, friends.


May this be an abundant summer of love for you.