it’s no longer enough to say the customer is always right

Ever since the transition from seashells to currency, we’ve been in this system of trading dollars for things. 


The next evolution of that has everyone looking for a way to make that exchange a more meaningful transaction. 


It’s not just what you sell, it’s why you sell it. 


It’s not just what you buy, it’s what the act of buying means about your business. What do you value? And more importantly, what does it mean about the person that buys?


One copywriting tenet is that the sale happens in the space where your values and your customer’s values line up.


Company values used to be about things like, "The customer is always right." 


But with the current political climate and consumerist trends, things run deeper. Businesses are finding new creative ways to infuse their values with their product.


There’s a new question on everyone’s mind—what am I going to do about it? 


Now it's about how you can take one small step with every dollar...saving the rainforest, reducing carbon emissions, bringing humans together.


Capitalism can’t save the world. It’s what created this mess in the first place.


But there is a lot of work to be done and every little bit counts. 


Your “why” might not be the reason that someone decides to work with you or buy from you. They work/buy from you because they need something. But your “why” very well might be the thing that cinches the deal.


It might be what gets ‘em in the door and keeps ‘em lingering. It’s not enough to just showcase your wares, as sparkly, useful, and butt-slimming as they might be. You need to grab ‘em by the why.