Why I might talk you out of having me write your website

Got a minute? I have some updates. 


You haven’t heard from me for a while. I know. Baddddd copywriter-blogger-marketing teacher not practicing what I preach, the cobbler’s children have no shoes, etc, etc. 


I’ve been focusing on getting my private client roster to that sweet spot where I have just a few ongoing clients. It’s happened. I’m working with some downright dreamy businesses right now. 


Multiple New York Times best-selling celebrity health gurus… People on network television… Healers working in the 4th dimension… It’s kept me busy.


All the while, I’ve been incubating some new ideas and honing my craft. My copy game is stronger than ever and I’m having absurd amounts of fun writing super creative copy. 


My personal copy goals:  


Spend less time writing longer emails and sales copy — more time writing carefully calculated and INTERESTING copy. Stop. trying. to. cram. every. damn. thing. in! 


All copy must have a hook. I call this a “swish.” It’s the way to keep readers hooked. More on that later. 


Bullet points that don’t just list features, but that draw on what the Heath Brothers call the “Knowledge Gap.” When you get this right, it’s like candy to the brain’s desire center. See what I did just there? You want to know what I’m talking about, don’t you? That’s the Knowledge Gap. More on it and going for the desire jugular later, too. 


Strong AF voice. Ain’t nobody gonna read your shit if it’s boring you. In the last few weeks alone, I’ve had two clients say, “I wouldn’t read my own emails.” Yeah, that’s a problem. We can fix it.



Lots of potential clients have asked me to write their websites. Homepage, bio, service page. 


I try to talk half of them out of that — unless it truly makes sense for them at this moment. 




It might not be the best use of my time/their money.


Yes, you absolutely need a professional website that you aren’t embarrassed to send people to, that has built-in copywriting techniques, and reads like the most natural thing in the world, but do you need it right now?


Or would it be better to do a flash sale that brings in revenue right away? 


I want my clients to see an immediate return on the things I write for them. That way, they keep coming back. 


One caveat — a new website might just be your revenue generating thing. The “Hey, I have a new slammin’ website!” announcement alone could pay for it and then some. 


And then I recommend having a launch of a product, service, or offering right afterward while you’re fresh in your reader’s mind. That flash sale I was just talking about. See, smart. Strategic. Yes. More, please.