Show, don't tell. Wait! Or is it tell, but show?

In copywriting land, I won’t ever use the word “empowerment” by itself.


Because it’s meaningless. 


What has meaning? Something I can FEEL. 


My new friend told me a story.


He knew something was wrong so he went to the doctor. They said they couldn’t find anything. But he insisted they do a CAT scan. 


That’s when they found a brain tumor. He was in his 20s.


THAT is empowerment. Way to show up for yourself! I want to be like him. Minus the whole cancer ordeal, of course. 


Update: He had it removed and is doing really well.


What’s more powerful?


Reading, “This widget will empower you to take your health into your own hands!” or hearing an example of someone truly advocating for themselves?


Effective copy doesn’t make assumptions that a heady concept such as empowerment speaks for itself.


Because, otherwise, how would I know that I want empowerment? How would I even know what it looks like in real life as it applies to me??


No one’s going around thinking, “I want to be empowered” but they sure as shit want to know that it’s possible for them to second guess their doctor and insist on getting the tests they need that will save their life.


Suddenly, a lifesaving (but all-too-often vague) concept like empowerment becomes very real… and very desirable. Necessary even. 


Empowerment was always important. We just have to do it justice by framing it right.