Talk is nice.

But if your copy ISn't Making making their soul sing and Your soul sing

It's never going to make you That Cold hard Ca$hola... 

        let's work together                      

Door #1

Renegade Copy Training for Baller Business Owners

Private monthly consultation on YOUR copy in real time.

Here's what we're gonna do. We go over your copy and I will train you how to write and market your now sizzling stuff - based on the copy you need now. Ongoing support and accountability. Because the future is now.


  • Three 60-minute sessions a month

  • Ten pages of copy review a month outside of our sessions

  • Session notes + full audio recording + full transcripts

  • SOS support 3x a month


P.S. We only do direct response copy in this family, so buckle up!


Door #2

Copy Riot: Time for Your Brand to Resist the Mold & Overthrow the System

Like graduate school, for copy.

No B.S. consultation on email launches, sales pages, opt-in pages, lead magnets, monetizing that blog, and more.

Not having to stop and start each week is like saving time with a direct flight versus losing momentum with layovers.



  • One 6-hour mega-marketing strategy session, plus a 60-minute break

  • One 30-minute follow up + integrate session

  • Session notes + audio recording + transcript

This option is optimal if you can work continuously over several hours.

The result? Get more done in a day than in six months. Come up with a creative content marketing plan with content that kills it every time.

("Kill" in a nice way, of course. This is Copy Mafia after all, but in this family, we play clean.)


Door #3

Coming Fall 2018

Flash Mob Flash Sale

A one-day workshop for cash flow like whoa.



Let's Take care of your copy problems

...and make them disappear.


Whatcha got? Let's do this.



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