Here’s what I love about a good story.

It takes someone on a journey.

It makes them feel. It makes them connect.

It inspires them to act.


Because let’s face it. Attention spans are shrinking. They’re shrunk.

And they’re not coming back any time soon.


There’s a million things that a person SHOULD do, but what we figure out together is how to get the right people paying attention

to what you’re doing....


We do that by employing truthful, non-scare tactic, and fun writing



(Not some marketing robot app that you just plug in and play.)


Want to know what excites me about great copy?


The way I see it, we’re in a beautiful time and place. Information spreads fast.

We’re getting smarter collectively.

(How does my 12-year-old nephew crack jokes about how hard it is to carry around his large ego? I know not.)

The Internet is in a sweet spot...where we’re hooked to the point that a "digital detox" is a real thing, and yet we’re still finding new ways to connect and make REAL meaning.


We’re obsessed with bettering ourselves.


This once-upon-a-time former New Yorker is shedding a lone tear as she writes this!

So here’s just a taste of what we can do together:


I offer two kinds of services — 

#1 I write it for you


I’ve worked with some of the most successful people online right now, powering an international roster of multi-six figure clients, New York Times best-selling authors, and many others who are making bank with the copy I help them with.


You could call me a worthy investment and I’d be plenty okay with that.


Looking to learn how to write your website?

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