I’m Gio.


Sought-after barista turned sales copywriter en route to a Masters Degree in Writing Creative Nonfiction.



Grew up in suburban New York. Club kid in the mid-90s. Moved out of my house at age 15. Checkered past—check. Graduated from college when I was 20 years old. Been busting through my stretch sales goals since 2008.

I wrote my way through two college. I wrote slam poetry and performed in front of huge audiences. I got a master’s degree in writing. I wrote a book. Now I’m writing another book.

And then I took everything I ever learned about storytelling and bullshit and grit and unapologetic truth-telling and I dedicated my career to writing copy that moves people

And sells...

Without putting your soul up for sale.

My past clients live all over the world. Portugal, Ireland, Jamaica, the United States, Japan. There are seven New York Times bestselling authors between them and dozens of Amazon.com bestsellers, television stars, business coaches, famous bloggers, multi-million dollar business owners, many, many healers, doctors, lawyers, and Deepak Chopra.

The one thing all my clients have in common?

They’re helpers. Doing their part to bring joy, health, ease, and realness to the world. I feel proud of each and every one of them, and honored to be part of their mission.

I’d be honored to be part of yours.

Let’s show them how

sparkly you are.