You have the most incredible way to help people. 

Now if only They Knew that…

Ah, copy, the elusive beast.

You can tell someone else’s copy is good because you can’t stop reading. If it’s really good, you’ll say yes right away.

And if it’s truly outstanding, you won’t even realize you needed what the copy’s selling — but now you don’t know how you ever lived without it! 

No one is born knowing how to write knockout copy. 

But that doesn’t mean it should take a lifetime to learn it. 

  • How do you write copy that gets people saying, “Yours are the only emails I read.”

  • How do you attract customers who could care less about a discount — and care more about telling all their equally-fabulous friends about you?

  • What about how many emails to send, when, what should they say?

  • Do you need to hire a copywriter and pay them royalties? (Answer—maybe. But whether that day is next Tuesday or next decade, you’re still going to need to know why those who know it call copy the 8th wonder of the world.)

When you’ve got copy that works, you don’t just have pretty words on a page… 

You have the ability to turn attention spans into gold.

To turn followers into friends.

To be the one with outrageously high open rates.

And a seemingly-superhuman knack for making money on command. 



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